Record Player Cabinet Restoration

Got an opportunity to restore an old stereo cabinet with a record player. Fortunately, there were no damages so all I had to do was re-do the finish.



Since the owner only wanted the outside refinished, that meant covering the main console and taping the back opening and the speakers up front.


The owner and I wanted to remove the water stain completely. I was able to sand out most of the stains but couldn’t go any deeper because the because the furniture was made of veneer. If I had gone any deeper, I would have sanded the right through the veneer.



Because some of the parts on the front panel was plastic, I wasn’t able to sand down the front.  This was the beginning of the color matching nightmare.  Now, we have to try and match color.  Originally, the owner wanted a color closer to more natural wood color.  However, since I couldn’t sand down the front panel, the color had to be darker.

This restoration was suppose to be done in 3 days, but because of this, it took an extra 4 days, as I tried 7 different colors before we nailed it.



In the end, it turned out nice. The owner is happy.  I’m happy I as able to match the color. But lesson learned. Try to check ALL the materials to warn the customer ahead of time of any possible problem that may come up in during the project.

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